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What type of testing is performed?

Chiropractic neurology utilizes evaluations that are taught in both chiropractic and medical schools. These evaluations are purely scientific investigations into human physiology and include such traditional clinical techniques as reflex testing, motor/muscle strength testing, and sensory testing of the face and extremities, as well as vestibule-ocular tests, optokinetic tests, pursuit and saccade testing, blind spot evaluation, radiography, postural analysis, vestibular and cerebellar testing. The Chiropractic Neurology & Wellness Center also utilizes state-of-the-art technology to gauge the performance of a patient's nervous system: Computerized Posturography digitally records and analyzes a patient's Level Of Stability; and Video-Electronystagmography (V-ENG) digitally records the movements of the eyes. Both of these tests are a reflection of certain aspects of brain function and information provided by these tests aids in the discovery of brain asymmetry. These devices also allow the chiropractic neurologist to evaluate the cause of dizziness and other balance disorders.

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